The strangest things keep me busy I know

Like what happened golliwogs, where did they go?

Conductors on busses and smoking upstairs

Or not going to sleep without saying your prayers

Tip-tops and sliders and pyramids cool

And the small rolls of biscuits for bringing to school

And remember collecting Civil War Cards?

And looking for swaps in the break in the yard


What happened tot me and

what happened to you?

Whatever happened

to coddle and stew?


The onions and tripe and the ould lumps of lard

The evenings gathered around playing cards

Newmarket, poker and the kids would play snap

You didn’t miss nothing ‘cos the telly was crap

With an I.Q. of seven you could get really far

Playing Quicksilver with the bold Bunny Carr

And the Riordans with Benji and ould what’s his name?

And the school around the corner was always the same


Saturday mornings getting killed in the rush

When newlyweds threw up the coins for the grush

And the flowers that used to be trun by the brides

And the grooms with their brillcream and short back and sides

We got wages in packets, counted in punts

When we had a strike it could go on for months

And we used to put shillings in meters for gas

And cut up the Herald for to wiping our arse


Of all of the stories and songs we did sing

Sure these are a few of me favourite things

Though it’s hard to remember but I want you to know

If there’s nowhere to come from you’ve nowhere to go

My fate has been sealed the die it is cast

You can keep your old future, I just want the past

It was warm, it was sunny and the people were kind

And there’s such a lot of it left in my mind