Iíve collected songs for years

Scribbled down on bits of paper

Or kept them in my head

Just hopiní that theyíd stay there.

But now my head is full

I dare no longer risk it

Iíll not take a chance

Iím goiní to floppy-disk it.

Doodelie dootle daaa.


Songs of kings and queens

Beggars, rogues and cobblers,

Heroes and deceit

True love and knee-wobblers.

Drummer, ladies fair

Highwaymen and sailors,

Drunken chambermaids

And even mashed potatoes.

Doodelie dootle daaa.


Tales of Erinís Isle

Green and undulated

Youthful couples joys

Although theyíre blood related.

Songs about them all

To get you all excited,

Whether modern style

Sean-nos or recited.

Doodelie dootle daaa.


Stanzas verses refrains

Long and complicated

Were lost to me for good

But now Iím liberated.

Iím printing them all out

Nimble fingers typing

That will come in handy

If your arses need a wiping.

Doodelie dootle daaa.


And so to end my tale

Before you start rejoicing,

Me anguish and me woe

To you Iíll soon be voicing.

I bought a new machine

To help me with me writing

Itís nearly broke me heart

It has no floppy-drive-in

Doodelie dootle daaa.