THE RODEO (Paul O Brien)


A couple of lads were scutting

On the back of a cattle truck

The lock broke on the tailgate

And the cows they slung their hook

Now they don’t like attention

And went charging at the louts

Who legged it to the flats

With lots of screams and shouts


Giddy-up, giddy-up giddy-down

Cowboys all around

The rodeo’s in town

Giddy-up, giddy-up giddy-down


Children running screaming

“There’s cattle on the loose”

Drovers running frantic

With sticks and with a noose

They chased them to the playground

Just like a coral

And we climbed on the fences playing

“High Chaporal”


With all the beasts assembled

And safely on the truck

The drovers had a head-count

“The black one’s gone, bad luck!”

She was hiding out at Jockser’s

Watching the T.V.

Eating all his biscuits

And drinking cups of tea


When they gather ‘round the camp fire

And the violins do play

Drovers rest their weary legs

At the end of a long day

When the boys are getting settled

And they’re stretched out on the hay

The old men tell the story

Of the one that got away