The Poor Cobbler


I slept last night at last and dreamt

Of Edinburgh town

I was just a boy again

And bound to earn a crown

Iíd turned my hand to printing but

Was found too light of frame

Nor was I fit as baker lad so

I tried the soldiers game


I learned the ways of men at war

And how my soul did mourn

To watch how barrack rooms could turn

A manís heart to a stone

They sent me as a squaddie

To that land my fatheríd fled

To watch how landlords they grew fat

And how the tenants bled


Itís there I met you Lilly fair

And there you won my heart

Little did we know this too

Would be where we should part

The years you bravely followed me

To serve the workersí cause

To organise and help poor men

To challenge rich menís laws


To Belfast, Glasgow, Dublin Town

And even to New York

Wherever men would lend an ear

Wherever men did work

Many times weíd settled and

You tried to make a home

But I was born to lead not serve

And a leaderís bound to roam


Last night I seen a wondrous thing

Dear Lillie I declare

The workers were united

And the bosses learnt to share

The women in the factories

And men along the quays

Stood together straight and proud

No longer on their knees


Last night I slept so deep

Dear Lilly I shall tell

I thought that you were by my side

And all our children well

I dreamt I was a cobbler still

Mending workmenís shoes

But now I wait for them to call

And pay my Easter dues