Do you remember the evenings wed bus it to Bray

Skiving the naggins to drink on the way

Youd be lapping up all of the things that she said

And watching the last rays of sun on Bray Head


Chasing our shadows as evening would fall

On the old promenade and the grey harbour wall

With plenty of coppers sure we had it made

And wed play on the slots in the penny arcade


Remember the bumpers and roundabout wheels

Toffee apples and girls in high heels

Remember the shouting and the things young ones said

Embarrassed and shy and your face turning red


Wed spend the night dancing and having the crack

And snogging and kissing on the bus going back

Youd bring your girl home down along Sheriff Street

As you walk arm in arm with the world at your feet


Nowadays the teenagers drive out in their cars

To discos and night clubs and fancy wine-bars

But when Ive a mind to I go on the dart

To the penny arcade where Marie stole my heart