Paddy McGinty’s Sheep (Paul O’Brien)


Bold Paddy came home late one Saturday night,

The look on his face was a terrible sight.

His hands they were tremblin as he did sit down

And he took a naggin’ to help him come ‘round.


His wife said to Paddy “Now tell me what’s wrong,

Why are you shakin’, what took you so long?”

You’ve finished your naggin, now tell me your tale,

And I’ll show you the dress that I bought in the sale.”


Paddy stood up and began to explain,

“A terrible sight I’ve just seen in the rain,

I met with this sheep from Carrickaline,

She says she’s pregnant and the baby is mine.”


“Come here to me Paddy sure this can’t be true

I know of your habits and things that you do.

You drink and you gamble and talk in your sleep

But I can’t picture makin’ love to a sheep a sheep.”


“Tell me now Paddy do you know this sheep’s name,

Where does she come from and what is her game?”

“Is she after our cattle and acres of land,

And where will she live with this family she’s planned?”


“I think she comes from Carrickaline

I met her one Fair-Day, a-sippin’ white wine

I knew it was wrong, I know it’s a sin

But she melted my heart with her sheepish grin”


“Now  dearest Paddy are you saying it is true,

This hussy’s spring lamb really did come from you,

Then pack up your cloths and your shears you old fool

 For I can’t stand the sight of your sheep shearing tool”


The door it burst open and in walked a sheep,

With a look on her face that would make your skin creep.

His wife said to Paddy “You filthy old swine,

That’s Mary, me sister, from Carrickaline!”


There’s goats on the mountain and sheep on the hill

The water that ran there is running there still.