On the Beach 1915


One hundred years ago now to the day

Paddy wet his boots in Suvla Bay

His comrades they were brave the company grand

As they marched across the shifting Turkish sand

He’d joined up with the other lads from Naas

To fight and make the world a better place

But telling you the truth I’m sure he’d say

The few shillings surely wouldn’t go astray


In the Phoenix Park he learned to dig a trench

In the Palace Bar he polished up his French

But ‘je m’appele’ and ‘Ierlandais je suis

Won’t get you far down in Gallipoli

The gallant fusiliers were called to halt

By the banks of a dried up lake of salt

Their orders were to stop and stand and wait

While the officers took time to ruminate


The ships with their big guns had gone astray

And ended up a thousand miles away

Landed in some port in southern France

Those lads in Turkey never had a chance

The general in his deck chair on the strand

Was giving orders out to beat the band

I’ll have my wardrobe here and hat rack there

And be careful with me leather easy chair


The Anzacs on the hill were looking down

Watching as the troops they strolled ‘round

We’re fighting Johnny Turk so bitterly

While the Pommies on the beach are drinking tea

When finally the word came for the push

Up Chocolate Hill the fusiliers did rush

The Turks were dug in well though numbers few

Ah the Germans trained them well their aim was true


They were picking off the captains one by one

And now and then a private just for fun

That’s how poor Paddy copped his lot

Even though the chap had never fired a shot

One hundred years ago now to the day

They laid him in a grave near Suvla Bay

His comrades they were brave the company grand

When they died upon the shifting Turkish sand