Like Isabelle (Paul O達rien)


Richard tends the cattle

Sailing on the Lairdsglen

From Alexandra Basin

To Glasgow town

And he値l call in on young Ellen

And hope to find her well

With messages and gifts and talk of Isabelle


With his sister痴 only daughter

He値l walk down to the Clyde

Past the bandstand

To where the river痴 wide

And she痴 so full of questions

Asking more than he can tell

Richard, do you remember Isabelle?


Two hundred miles from Church Street

The Hawthorns and Dublin town

Two thousand miles from Suvla

Where they cut her daddy down

He痴 handing her some letters

As they watch the river swell

Richard, do I smile like Isabelle?


And she値l take him by the arm

And they値l turn back to the town

She値l thank him for the letters

He値l thank her for the pounds

Still she keeps on asking

More than he can tell

Richard, do I look like Isabelle?


He値l read the note she gave him

As the ships bell tolls ten

Steaming on by Greenock

Out to sea again

Still so many stories

So much he wants to tell

Richard, he remembers Isabelle


Yes, she talks like Isabelle

Yes, she smiles like Isabelle

Yes, she looks like Isabelle