There was a time we used to love the sessions and the songs

Belting out the reels and jigs and singing all night long

We’d be joining in on choruses and tapping with our feet

Crowds of people crammed in pubs and more out on the street


Now they’re dressing up like Abba or like the Jackson Five

Housewives with ten children singing “I will survive”

There’s even an Al Jolson, singing for his ma

There’s a hit for every punter IN the karaoke bar


It started off quite innocent in a bar out on Cape Clear

Where the natives loved to sing a long with songs of yester year

One stormy night the local Christy Moore he failed to show

So the barman got the gramophone from the cellar down below


He dusted off old singles and stacked them in a pile

He thought he’d better sort them out but that would take a while

So he played them all at random, willy-nilly so to speak

And the people loved it all so much they did it every week


This Friday night distraction has become a great success

In the cities and the towns to the east and to the west

Around the world bars echo to the sound of “Raining Men”

And Friday night will never ever be the same again