THE HOOLIES (Paul O Brien)


I remember we used to have hoolies

In the sitting room long, long ago

WHEN SHeamy would play his melodeon

And Connie would sway to and fro


We’d lay out the food in the kitchen

With the bottles of red lemonade

Large ones of stout and the mixers

And the ham and cheese sambos we’d made

They’d be chatting about the next wedding

And the oulwan that lives down the street

And the prices there charging at Bulger’s

And the size of me Auntie Anne’s feet


I remember the time when a party

Was a six pack and a package of crisps

And if you were putting the boat out

You’d send someone out to get chips

Some would always come early

To make sure they’d get a good chair

We would pretend to be sleeping

And watching it all from the stairs


Noely would sing us his frog song

And Annie would flash out the gin

And some-one would ask for an oldie

Like “Twilight” or “Begin the Begin”

Plenty of songs but no dancing

Sure there wasn’t the room on the floor

And I’d be sent out to get biscuits

From Maureen’s the wee shop next door