HOME BEFORE THE RAIN (Paul O’Brien)          


I’m sitting by the window

And I’m looking out to sea

In a carriage full of people

But I need no company

Watch the dark clouds gather

Low above our town

One more junction, one more station

And the evening’s coming down


But if you’re standing waiting

When I get down from this train

And if you walk beside me

We’ll be home before the rain

We’ll be home before the rain


Watch the street lights flashing

While traffic eases down

Young people wait at bus-stops

Heading into town

And I tried to read a paper

And I button up my coat

But all these words just remind me

Of the times I never wrote


We’re passing through a tunnel. The conductor says we’re late

I never told you I was leaving, You never said you’d wait


Still sitting at the window

We pass familiar roads

And I can’t recall the reason

I ever let your go

And I think of all you travellers

On these lonely evening trains

And I hope that someone’s waiting

And you can start again