We’ll play some tunes to get you settled

And you can have a drink or two

Do some requests for someone special

Or someone close to you

And we’ll work on down the list

Some we’ll skip and some we’ll miss

Some we’ve never played before

And we’ll cross out all the love songs

We won’t be playing them anymore


You know it’s hard to sing a love song

When you’re not loving anymore

You know it’s hard to sing a love song

When love’s closed every door

And you stumble over words

And you mix up all the chords

Like you’ve never done before

So don’t ask us for a love song

We don’t play them anymore


We’ll play the one for someone leaving

And the ones for coming back

And the ones about the markets

And the weddings and the crack

But as the evenings getting on

They start asking for the song

That I used to sing with her

And then they ask us for that love song

“Go on, play it just once more”


Before you know it’s getting later

And the crowd gets up to go

You start to play that one song

The one that they all know

And they fumble with their coats

Like they’ve just heard a ghost

From so many years before

And you play them that old love song

Go on, play it just once more