I was feeling sorry for myself, and thinking of the past

Wondering about my infant school, and children from my class

So I started up explorer, got myself a drink

It was getting pretty late, but it was quiet and I could think

I looked up names of places, to see if they had changed

Checking out the building sites, how the roads were re-arranged

When I came across a name I knew, with address and business card

I suppose I could have stopped myself, but I didnt try too hard


So late last night I wrote a note,

to a man Ive never seen

Wed played as kids together,

I was wondering how hed been

What happened in the meantime?

What hed done and what hed seen

With more than half a lifetime,

and forty years between


I wrote about the wife and kids, the mortgage and the lawn

Places that Id lived in, but never felt belonged

And now and then Id love to go, through the lanes, around the back

And walk along that railway wall, into that cul-de-sac

Surprised, I got an e-mail back, Its really me he said

Remember I split your brother open, with a five-iron to the head?

Funny Id forgotten, all the stitches and the tears

Funny Id forgotten, after nearly forty years.


Way back in ninety-seven, his father passed away

But his mother keeps them laughing, even to this day

I remember them as old and grow-up, when we were nine or ten

Its hard to think that were older now, than they were way back then.

We promised that wed keep in touch, how soon we didnt say

Knowing full well that theres a lot, that might get in the way

But watch out all you class-mates, and friends from way back then

Some winters night, sometime soon, Ill be googeling again!