I work on the docks like me father before

I’ve worked every basin and every long shore

I’m courting a girl who lives down the way

She’s promised to marry me some sunny day


On Sundays in summer we stroll, hand in hand

along by clontarf to Dollymount strand

Will take a few biscuits and a bottle of tea

With the wind in our hair and our feet in the sea


I work all the week stacking the crates

And lugging sacks from the United States

Swinging the booms and chuckin’ the ropes

While she’s down in Lever’s packin’ the soap


She smartens me up and leaves nothing to chance

Whenever I’m taking her out to a dance

Down to St Anthony’s Hall on the quays

In me new donkey jacket I look the bee’s knees


On Friday nights we go down to Maher’s

Where we all can pretend to be great singing stars

Everyone there has their own song

While everyone else is singing along