Christopher Columbus (Paul O’Brien)


A good six hundred year ago or more

Columbus set foot on Erin’s shore

He bantered with his merchant band

As they strolled along the golden strand

I hope there’s a tavern in the town

Where and old seadog can lay his burden down

And try a jug or two

Of the local brew

And jollify as only sailors do

With cutlasses and rapiers shining bright

They set out for the town by pale moonlight

With silver in their pockets they did come

As well as jugs of port and kegs of rum

We’ll win the gentle hearts of local girls

With promises of strings of shiny pearls

And loudly tell our tales of daring do

Never mind that none of them be true


They chanced upon a sheebeen dark and warm

That offered seamen shelter from the storm

They milled in to the crubeens and the stout

The landlady’s daughter handed out

She entertained them with a music show

With some sean nos and a bit of old Fado

The songs that she had sung

With her silken toung

Had truly moved our Christopher

He beckoned her to fill his glass again

And when she did he emptied it and then

He whispered in her ear ‘I think I’ll stay’

And watch the sun go down on Galway Bay

Sally said she longed to see the world

And begged to see his mizzen sail unfurled

Oh! Take me to some place I’ve never been

You shall be my prince and I your Queen


But tragidy was soon to strike our man

When he asked the lovely colleen for her hand

In the darkness by the bar beside the till

Stood a chap that was a barber in Salt Hill

Now this lad who’d been her lover for some time

Had helped himself to slugs of foreign wine

He didn’t fear too much

His courage it was Dutch

And he set upon the sailor for revenge

Our Christopher he jumped up to his feet

And rapidly his pounding heart did beat

He scarperd with his crew of twenty men

Poor Sally never seen the chap again

He’d set to sea with haste and little thought

And didn’t find the land he thought he sought

And that is how Columbus lost his way

And landed on the shores of A-mer-i-cae