BINGO LIL (Paul O’Brien)


Sometime she gets a line across, sometimes she gets f* all

It always makes her heart sink, when someone gets a call

Although it makes her anxious she keeps coming back again

The sweat is pouring out of her before its half past ten


Bingo Lill, Bingo Lil

she’s never had a full house

and I guess she never will


She used to go on a Monday to the bingo on the Strand

And sometimes on a Thursday to the Fairview Grand

But now they’ve built a bridge for her across the Liffey deep

And she can put her eyes down seven days a week


Thursday’s it’s “as Gailge” down at the Gael Linn Hall

And she doesn’t know a “focail” that the “duine usail” calls

She’s never called out “Tig Lan” she’s never had to roar

But when she gets her “fainne” it’ll all be “ceart go leor”


Once she won a turkey and a plastic Christmas tree

To celebrate she brought her mates for a drink or two or three

She’d quite a few too many and after closing time

On the back seat of the last bus home she left the bloody bird behind


She nearly had a full house with five daughters and four sons

But two of them were put away for possessing guns

She used to go and visit them when they were in Mount Joy

But when the bridge was finished she said, “They can kiss my a* goodbye”


Her husband doesn’t seem to mind her gallivanting ways

Even though from time to time she missing for some days

He never even makes a scene if she comes home too late

Because when she’s out at bingo he plays poker with his mates