The Amazing Grace O’Malley (Paul O’Brien)


Grace she was the captain

Of a mighty pirate fleet

As fearless and as cunning as any

Sailing man you’d meet

She ran her merry schooners

Up and down the coast

She’d castles grand upon dry land but

The waves she loved the most


Once boarded by some grenadiers

In a sneak attack one day

She cornered the lieutenant

Who dared to cross her way

With hellfire in her eye

And a heart that knew no fear

She said to him ‘how dare you sir to

Take me from the rear!’


Though Grace was queen of all

The pirates on the deep

Despite her busy lifestyle

She could never get to sleep

She moaned ‘I really need to feel

Some rugged sailor’s arms

To swing me in me hammock

And crush me with his charms


Once sailing in the doldrums

Not another ship in sight

A cabin boy he overheard

Her talk about her plight

He was peeking through the keyhole

Of her cabin door

With dreams above his station

Like many a boy before


Full of youthful zeal

He swore to set her right

And he stepped up to his captain

As she stood in the half-light

He offered her his services

With promises of joy

She says ‘I know you mean well

But you’re just a cabin boy’


‘A woman of my stature

She longs for something more

I’ll just have to wait until

Our ship is safe on shore’

He was sorely disappointed

And he set about a plan

The next time in the harbour

He would prove he was a man


Once landed in a friendly town

On the tear they went

Determined for to stay on shore

‘Till all their coins were spent

She visited an alehouse

That she knew from old

Would be full of of sailors

For her to have and hold


Now that wily cabin boy

Spurned on by desire

Put on an old tar’s clobber

And sat down by the fire

Soon enough he caught her eye

And she called him to her side

Inviting him to spend some time

With a rich man’s bride


Two by two they climbed the stairs

To reach a dark boudoir

So wildly that they did carouse

Their moans were hear afar

And he wasn’t first to cry out

Or the first to sing her praise

Saying ‘that was amazing Grace

You’ve blown me heart away!’


Collapsing from exhaustion

They slept until the noon

He tried to sneak away but

She awoke too soon

She cried in anger at full blast

You took me for a fool

If you dare to breathe a word I’ll

Chop off your rigging tool


Back on board all was well

The lads they’d had their fill

And hoisted up the rigging

As old seafarers will

Now and then in passing

She’d greet the cabin boy

And he’d just give the nod and say

‘Captain, ship ahoy!’