ARRIVALS (Paul O Brien)


You’ve just reclaimed you baggage

And you’ve nothing to declare

You didn’t plan this visit

So no-one’s waiting there

You pass on through customs

And change to Dublin time

A quick pint in arrivals

And you’ll be ticking over fine


How are ye? How is it goin?

Sure it’s great to see you Jack!

What time did you get in

When are ye goin’ back?


Your lips they touch the collar

A familiar face appears

It’s your cousin’s second cousin

You’ve avoided all these years

He claps you and the back

His mates they gather ‘round

Before you get a word in

It’s that old familiar sound


You slip down to the mammy’s

And you’ve just hung up your coat

“I’ll stick on the kettle love

You really should have wrote”

The da is watching racing

It’s Saturday afternoon

He’s has a bet on the four fifteen

His ship will come in soon


You’re milling into sausages

Then there’s someone on the ‘phone

Wondering what your doing

Are you heading into town?

There’s a session on in Hughes’

Grab your coat and you’re away

Pipes and fiddles pumping tunes

Like you never went astray