ANY OLD RAGS (Paul OíBrien)


Iím the rag and bone man

And I have a good heart

I roam all your streets

With my old horse and cart

Iím looking for cloths

Too old to wear

Or a lampshade or doll

Or the grannyís old chair


Any old rags, any old rags

I call out as we do the rounds

Any old rags, any old rags

I turn your old rags ††††

Into shillings and pounds


If youíve any old trousers

Or any old sheets

You can swap them with me

For money or sweets

Go tell your mammy to

Clear out the press

Iíll give you bulls-eyes

For her old wedding dress


My horse was a chestnut

But now sheís a gray

The poor things half dead

At the end of the day

Bit I wonít have another

I promised her true

When heís finished working

Iíll finish up too