‘Port to Port’



Photograph  © John Heeneman



While performing ‘Songs from the North Lotts’ Paul wrote a cycle of songs entitled ‘Port to Port’. These songs are based on stories he picked up while visiting and playing in harbour towns, stories of and about the people who live and work in them.


These songs take you on a musical journey in time and place, from the Ouzel Galley Saga from the late seventeenth century right through to the present day, taking in tales of Captain Bligh, Admiral William Brown, the demise of the sailing ships, the shipbuilding industry, tattoos, the whaling industry, true love and contraband.


Paul has painted pictures of the many different aspects of a Port, highlighting the parallels and the links between them, whether Dublin, Belfast, Portsmouth or Rotterdam.


‘Port to Port’ reflects Paul’s own musical journey, from one port to another and all the people he has met on the way….….


Paul is joined on ‘Port to Port’ by Kate Huber on flute, for more information about Kate click here.