Kate Huber


As a native of Washington State, USA, Kate Huber was brought up amongst the mossy pines between the mountains and sea in the Pacific Northwest, a place that has always inspired her to play music. Although she started out with classical flute, Kate has always had a strong affection for Celtic music since her grandfather made her play Oh Danny Boy and other well-known tunes before she even knew all her scales.


However, her interest in the wooden flute and folk music truly expanded when she left home at 17 to sail on tall ships as a deckhand, medical officer, and eventually the cook. Kate often played music in the off-watch hours with shipmates who brought along new tunes, songs, and stories.


As with many a sailor though, after three years of a solid blue horizon, the lure of the land eventually got the better of her, and, on a whim, Kate moved to the Netherlands to study medicine and biology.


During her first year in the low lands, the Dutch language and her initial immersion in a foreign language inspired Kate to give up the natural sciences and study literature, which ultimately culminated in a master’s degree in Literary Theory from Leiden University.


In addition to her philosophical and literary studies, Kate received a minor in journalism from Leiden University as well as a minor in flute performance from the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague. Kate is currently a public relations contact and copy writer. In her free time, Kate enjoys hiking, sailing, reading, writing, and, of course, playing her flute with friendly folk musicians.

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Kate Huber  - Photograph © Hans Otter